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Company culture

Company with culture is more likely to have a group people with common goal. Easy to built cooperative team to go towards the same goal.


Become a well known brand in plastic extrusion machinery all over the world. When people mention plastic extrusion machinery, they will think of us.


Create plastic extrusion equipment that anyone can easily operate, and maximize customer benefits.



Customer value oriented, customer satisfaction as the evaluation standard. Regardless of new or old customers, we provide the best service anytime, anywhere. No matter it is inquiry, order or after sale service, we do our best to satisfy customer requirements.

Innovation and development

Insist on keeping 10% of annual sale as fund for innovation and development. Actively accept customer feedback and support everyone to provide advice. Adopt a system of encouragement and reward for innovation and development.


Teamwork: Head of department shares the same big office with its subordinates, to create open and creative atmosphere, smooth and fasten communication, enhance teamwork. Regularly having meeting to share ideas and experience and hold team building games and activities.


Encourage every members to develop themselves to by providing regular training. Support them by providing specialized books. Provide members reward when getting advanced certificate of their jobs. Holding regular job skill competition.

Growth and sharing

This is core principle of our internal distribution system. The growth of company should be fully shared with customers, employees and shareholders. Customer get quality products, good service and latest technology. Employees realize their ideals by growing together with company. Shareholders achieve value of growth, meanwhile share the social responsibility of the company.

Integrity and honesty

Integrity and honesty: Every member inside company are requested to be integrity and honesty. During recruiting process, integrity and honesty is the basic factor of employee which company requires. Through flattened organization structure, integrity and honesty of leader and head of department will influence the subordinates efficiently and effectively. Conduct fair competition and reasonable distribution, it will also enhance integrity and honesty.


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