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Service is everything and anything that touches a customer directly or indirectly.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, do the best to treat customer like we would want to be treated.

Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale consulting by skilled and experienced engineers

Our sales engineers are with regular training about our product to ensure they have good knowledge to communicate with customer. They are also backed up with our technical department to maximize customer needs and requirements.

Overseas offices can provide on-site consultation and service

We have representative in overseas office and ready to service you. Please contact with us to see whether we have office in your country. If no office in your country, our sale engineers may book time to meet with you as they always travelling overseas to meet with customers. Or our after service engineer may also meet with you as they are always doing commissioning overseas.

Provide pick up service when visit workshop

Our company is near Shanghai City, with airport and train station nearby. Once customers arrive in Shanghai or other cities nearby, we will provide pick up service. If customers are not clear about how to arrive to our company, please consult with our sales engineers. Our sales engineers will guide you the best way to our company and even book flight or train ticket for you.

Whole machines can be highly customized based on requirements

If customers have special requirements, please inform our sales engineers. We can customize the machine to match your needs. Our technical department will also assess the risk and feasibility of the project to protect your benefits.

Provide turnkey solution easy to start new business

We not only sell machinery, we provide turnkey solution. Our sales engineer will inform customer auxiliary equipment to start the whole project, together with workshop, water and electricity requirement. We will also provide project feasibility analysis to show how much investment to start the project (raw material, labor, workshop, machinery, etc.) and approximate time to get back the investment. If anything not clear, feel free to contact us.

Sale Service

Continuously informing customer about project progress

During machine production, our sales engineers will regularly take machine pictures to show the project progress. If anything not clear during production, do not hesitate to contact us.

Arrange customer coming for machine inspection and testing

We will inform customers about the exact date for testing some time before. So customers can plan their schedule in advance. If you do not have time coming for testing, you can also arrange third-party detection institution coming for testing and we will also show you the testing video. Sample produced during testing can be sent to customer if required.

Machine packing according to customer import regulation

Our machine packing are following standard packing for export by sea. According to different countries, we will also adjust our machine packing. If you have any special requirements for machine packing and fixing, please inform us in advance.

Free spare parts to ensure machine can work for long time

With more than 20 years experience, we provide free spare parts which are more likely to be broken during long time machine working. If you want more spare parts to ensure machine working for several years, please consult with our sales engineer to know more about spare parts.

After-sale Service

Provide necessary technical documents for guidance

We provide machine layout (including workshop requirement), electrical drawing and operation and maintenance manual. When you bought auxiliary machine from us, we will also provide technical documents for auxiliary machine. Any special requirement, feel free to contact us.

Provide guarantee period for machinery

Our standard guarantee period is one year. One year guarantee starts from the time after our engineer finish commissioning in customer workshop. Our company bears the responsibility in repairing and/or replacing the defective goods due to manufacturing reason.

Provide on-site installation, commissioning, training

On-site installation, commissioning and training are most important part of after sale service, especially for customers who are new to this industry. After customer notification, we will arrange our after sale engineer for installation, commissioning and training.

Our after sale engineers are skilled and fully trained to ensure every machine we delivered must work in good condition to maximize customer benefits. After machine installation and commissioning, our engineers will train your workers to fully understand how machine working, how to operate the machine and machine maintenance. We will make sure you can operate and maintain the machine by yourselves.

Provide lifelong service, on site repair and upgrade for machine

Our company provides lifelong service for our machines. We can provide online guide of how to operate, repair or maintain the machine. If still can not solve the problem, we will send our engineer directly to your workshop to fix the problem. Any upgrade available, we will inform you.

Sufficient spare parts in stock ensure quick delivery

Every machine delivered by our company has its own ID. All information and all parts of that machine are save in our data base. So we can check and prepare exact spare parts for machinery delivered even 10 years ago.

We always keep sufficient spare parts in our warehouse, if some spare parts quantity are below limit, our system will inform production and procurement department. If some big parts are not available, our workshop will put that big part in priority and finish it as soon as possible to minimize customer loss.

Sometimes, old machines has parts which are off production and not exist any more, our technical department will provide alternative plan.


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