Automatic Pipe Drilling And Slotting Machine


Our pipe drilling and slotting machine can drill or slot on pipe surface by changing working head. By inputting drilling or slotting parameter into the touch screen, the machine will process the pipe automatically.

The whole machine is controlled by PLC, with high automation, stable and reliable, lower power consumption, suitable for different pipe diameter and length.

Our machine can drill several holes or several slots at one time to save the time, also with adjustable drill/saw starting position and depth.

Our machine can adjust the hole/slot distance (perpendicular to along the pipe’s axis) automatically by setting parameter into the touch screen. Also, by using working head of drills/saws in different distance, our machine can adjust the hole/slot distance (parallel to the pipe’s axis). Our machine can ensure both vertical and horizontal distance between each hole/slot are same.

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Machine Main Parameter

For reference only, can be customized

ModelPipe Diameter Range (mm)Pipe Length (m)Number of drill/sawTotal Power (kw)Remark
XRJ16050 - 160Customize according to requirementCustomize according to requirement5.5Can drill holes, making horizontal or vertical grooves according to requirement
XRJ25075 - 2506
XRJ400110 - 4007

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Machine Detail


Simens Touch Screen and PLC

Adopt program developed by our company, have English or other languages. Parameter input is easy. All operation parameter and status are controlled, reflected and shown in the touch screen.


Use of Servo Motor

Use servo motor to control pipe rotation and working station movement. To ensure accuracy and speed of pipe drilling/slotting.


Linear Guide

Adopt linear guide rail, working station will move along guide rail. Cutting process stable and cutting length accurate.


Rack and pinion drive

With rack and pinion drive, can make working station move any length as required.


Industrial dust collector

With powerful industrial dust collector for option. To absorb dust totally.


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