PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe Extrusion Line


The aluminum-plastic composite pipe is five layer structure: plastic layer (can be PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR) - adhesive layer - aluminum layer - adhesive layer - plastic layer (can be PEX, PE or PERT). Our machine can form five layer in one step, to save machine space and increase stability, production yield can reach 98%, line speed is also higher.

In addition pipe made by one step has higher quality, as all material are extruded and integrated at one time, no need to reheat material again. In this way, adhesion between each layer is much better.

Our aluminum layer is made by ultrasonic overlap welding.

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Machine Parameter (for reference only, can be customized)

For reference only, can be customized

ModelPipe Diameter Range (mm)Line Speed (m/min)
Total Power (kw)
XRL3216 - 327-155.5
XRL6316 - 632-156

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Equipment Detail


Aluminum foil unwinding machine

Double station, winding station can be rotated, easy for changing station.


Aluminum foil storage device

To store aluminum foil when one aluminum foil disc finish and use ultrasonic connector to connect to another aluminum foil disc.


Glue layer extruder

To extrude both inner and outer glue layer.


Inner layer extruder

To etruder plastic inner layer, can extrude PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR material.


Outer layer extruder

To extruder plastic outer layer, can extrude PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR material.


Extrusion die head

All five layers are formed in the die head (plastic inner and outer layer, glue inner and outer layer, aluminum middle layer).


Cooling tank

With cooling water ring at entrance and air ring at exist. With automatic air sealing system inside.


Haul off unit

Haul off unit provides sufficient traction force to pull pipe stably. Have sync function with extruders and air sealing system.


Double station coiler

To coil pipe into roll, easy for storage and transportation. Double station to ensure continuous pipe winding.


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