Extrusion Die Head

Extrusion die head apply bracket structure, each material flow channel is placed evenly. Each channel is after heat treatment, mirror polishing and chroming to ensure material flow smoothly. Die head is modular design, easy for changing pipe sizes, assembling, dismantle and maintenance. Can produce single layer or multi-layer pipe.

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Extrusion Die Head

Component Details

Moving Device of Die Head

For big size die head, moving device can move die head forward and back, also adjust the height of die head. Operation is fast and easy.

Die Head Rotary Device

For big size die head with rotary device, die head can rotate by 90 degree. When changing bush, mandrel, die head will turn 90 degree. Can use crane to lift and change bush and mandrel. This way is very convenient.

CNC Processing

Every part of extrusion die head is processed by CNC to ensure precision.

High Quality Material

Apply high quality material for extrusion die head. Die head has high strength and will not deform during long time use under high temperature condition.


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