The advantages of pvc pipes

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In resin production, PVC resin consumption of ethylene is the lowest, production cost is also the lowest. Domestic production of each ton of PVC needs to consume ethylene 0.5314 tons, and each ton of polyethylene average consumption of ethylene 1.042 tons, the domestic consumption of ethylene per ton of PVC resin less than polyethylene consumption about 50%. And the production of PVC raw material chlorine, is an important way to balance the production of caustic soda to produce chlorine, caustic soda is a very important raw material essential to the national economy. In addition, from the point of view of plastic products, PVC and a variety of additives compatibility, in the production of pipe can be added a large number of low packing, so that the production cost is greatly reduced.


The energy consumption of steel is 316KJ/m3, that of aluminum is 619KJ/m3, and that of PVC is 70KJ/m3, that is, the energy consumption of steel is 4.5 times that of PVC, and that of aluminum is 8.8 times that of PVC. And the production of PVC pipe processing energy consumption is only one third of the same diameter metal pipe. At the same time, due to the smooth WALL of PVC pipe, no junction of corrosion tumor, high water delivery efficiency, used for infusion can save about 20% of electricity.


PVC pipe material has very good mechanical properties, and has excellent corrosion resistance, light weight in the process of use, easy to install, do not need to maintain, and the use of steel as a public utility sewer, in the process of use because of easy corrosion, must often coated with paint, maintenance costs are high. General construction and public utilities with metal pipes need to replace 20 years or so, and the role of good processing PVC pipe, service life as long as 50 years. Therefore, PVC pipe is a low production cost, high strength, corrosion resistance of good plastic products.


Generally speaking, PVC pipes save about 16-37% of installation and labor costs compared with cast iron pipes in sewage, waste water and ventilation pipes. The cost of conducting conduit is 30-33% less than that of using metal conducting sleeve; In terms of hot and cold water, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes save 23-44% compared with copper pipes of the same size. Therefore, due to the advantages of PVC pipe, countries are actively developing and promoting PVC pipe.


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