How to do well in the daily maintenance of PPR pipe

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ppr.jpgPPR pipe is a kind of pipe which is commonly used in daily life, we can see PPR pipe and related series of pipes are used under the sink or in the bathroom, or at the gas pipe or vent. As home improvement PPR pipes, generally high- and mid-grade pipes are the main ones, especially for their performance and appearance. But at the same time, we must also pay attention to the application of the pipe and the maintenance of the pipe and fittings in accordance with the environment.

In winter, some protection required for PPR pipes used in went . For example, a layer of withered grass or plastic skin can be used on the outside of the, which can not only prevent the pipe from rupturing, but also ensure the smooth flow of the pipe. If the pipe is blocked by the oil stains, just rinse it with boiling water.

With the frequent use of water in summer, household pipes may be blocked. At this time, it should be noted that hard objects can not be used to unblock the pipes. To avoid damage to the pipes, you can use boiling water to flush. As there is a lot of oil in kitchen sewage, it should be washed with boiling water frequently to avoid accumulation of greasy substances, forming hard blocks and causing blockage. When necessary, you need to find a professional to clear it.

For PPR hot water pipes directly buried in the floor or wall, heat insulation measures should be taken when the wall material is not more than 50℃. If there is no requirement for the circulation of hot water, pipes of 25 mm or less may generally not be insulated. This is mainly because when the outside temperature of the pipe is higher than the temperature inside the pipe and may affect the water quality in the pipe, insulation measures should be taken.

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