Three prevention measures for PPR pipe construction

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Three prevention measures for PPR pipe construction: anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, and anti-noise

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To make the PP-R pipe piping system, whether it is a gas pipeline or a water supply pipeline, can work normally for a longer period of time, in addition to strengthening maintenance and management in the mouth, three prevention measures need to be taken during the design and construction process, namely, antifreeze, Anti-corrosion and anti-noise measures.

1.For pipelines in low temperature areas or seasons, after water pressure test, rust removal and anti-corrosion paint on the outer surface of the pipeline, corresponding anti-freezing measures should be taken. The pipeline guarantees that the anti-freezing facility is under the outdoor temperature of the buried pipeline, the anti-freezing problem should be considered, and the high anti-freezing pipe should be selected, or the anti-freezing pipe fittings should be added to the pipeline. Water supply pipes in locations where the indoor temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, such as those installed in non-heated rooms and those installed in halls, aisles, etc., affected by outdoor cold air, should consider antifreeze issues.

2. Anti-corrosion of pp-r pipelines No matter the pipelines are exposed or concealed, except for galvanized steel pipes and water supply plastic pipes, they must be treated with anticorrosion. The commonly used method is the oil painting method. The outer wall of the pipeline is wiped clean, exposing the metallic luster and allowed to dry. The exposed pipeline is painted with anti-rust paint (such as red paint) twice, and then painted with two coats of top paint (such as silver powder). . If the pipeline needs marking, it can be painted with blended paint or lead oil. The color of the pipe should be adapted to the room decoration requirements. After the concealed pipeline is derusted, apply two coats of anti-corrosion paint, without applying the top coat. After the buried steel pipe is derusted, brush two layers of cold base oil and two layers of hot asphalt. For buried cast iron pipes, if the pipe is not coated with oil when leaving the factory, two coats of asphalt should be applied to the outer wall of the needle before laying. The exposed part can be two coats of anti-rust paint and two coats of silver powder.


3. In order to prevent noise from some pipes and fittings, the building design is required to strictly follow the specifications. Because the noise can spread along the building structure or pipeline. When laying pipes, avoid laying the pipes along the bedroom or the wall adjacent to the bedroom.


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