Twin Screw Extruder

Both conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder can be applied to produce PVC pipe. With latest technology, to lower power and ensure capacity. According to different formula, we provide different screw design to ensure good plasticizing effect and high capacity...

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Twin Screw Extruder

Component Details

Siemens PLC

Apply program developed by our company, have English or other languages to be input into the system.

Quality Screw and Barrel

Screw and barrel are using high quality alloy steel, processed by CNC to ensure quality, precision and longer service time. Bimetallic material for option.

Air Cooled Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heater ensure long working life. This design is to increase the area which heater contact with air. To have better air cooling effect.

High Quality Gearbox and Distribution Box

Gear accuracy to be ensured 5-6 grade and lower noise below 75dB. Compact structure but with high torque.

Better Cooling of Gearbox

With independent cooling device and oil pump, to make better cooling effect of lubrication oil inside gearbox.

Advanced Vacuum System

Intelligent vacuum system, keep vacuum degree within set range. When vacuum reaches upper limit, pump will stop working to save power and it will work again when vacuum drop below lower limit.

Easy Cable Connection

Each zone of heating, cooling and temperature detecting has its own connection area in cabinet. Just need to connect the integrated plug to the socket of cabinet, the work is easy and convenient.


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