Brief Introduction of Corrugated Pipe

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In recent years, there have been more and more manufacturers of double-wall corrugated pipe production lines, mainly due to market reasons. From the perspective of the overall market situation, the main market for double-wall corrugated pipes is large because of its wide range of applications. The following is its scope of application:

1. It can be used as a protection tube for communication equipment on railways and highways, and it occupies most of this part of the market.

2. Double-wall corrugated pipe and its wide application in building drainage, etc.

3. It can even be applied in medical treatment.

4. In agriculture, most of them use it for installation and irrigation operations.

5. There are also some entertainment facilities pipeline.


From the above application, we can see that as long as there are related pipelines, there will be double-wall corrugated pipes. In addition to its wide range of applications, there is another important reason that makes its market larger and larger, that is, high cost performance. Because it is made of a special polyethylene material, it has the advantage of low cost.


What are the advantages of the double-wall corrugated pipe production line? Its main performance is that it is very resistant to external pressure, can increase the load capacity of the soil, the project cost is low, and the construction is very convenient. Under the condition of familiar with the design drawings and data, it is important to understand the plane and elevation control point distribution of the designed pipeline. Since the cement pipe is a steel pipe, in order to ensure the effect, it is better to use double-wall corrugated pipes to reduce ground subsidence and Changes to the earth's crust. Coupled with a long service life.


Now the advantages of high-density polyethylene double-wall corrugated pipes are becoming more and more obvious, and their strong competitiveness has begun to be recognized by the market. Municipal and water conservancy departments have begun to use them. The promotion and application of double-wall corrugated pipes are in the development stage. Because the double-wall corrugated pipe is moisture-resistant, it is not easy to scale, and the inner wall is very smooth. Compared with the metal pipe, the double-wall corrugated pipe of the same size diameter has an advantage under the same pressure.


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