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PVC Pipe Mold Design

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Plastic extrusion molding is to make plastic flow by heating, and then make it pass through a plastic mold under the action of a certain pressure, and then make a continuous finished product after being shaped.

1. die and mandrel

The outer surface of the die molded product and the inner surface of the core rod molded product, so the shaping parts of the die and core rod determine the cross-sectional shape and size of the product.

2. Diverter and Diverter Bracket

Diverters are also called torpedoes. The plastic is changed into a thin ring by the splitter, which is convenient for further heating and plasticizing. A heating device is also installed inside the splitter of the large extruder.

The splitter bracket is mainly used to support the splitter and core rod, and at the same time, it also splits the material flow to enhance the stirring effect. The splitter bracket of the small nose can be designed as a whole with the splitter.

3. Adjusting screw

Used to adjust the gap between the die and the mandrel to ensure the uniform wall thickness of the product.

4. The body

Used to assemble various parts of the machine head and connect with the extruder.

5. Calibrating sleeve

Good surface roughness, correct size and geometric shape can be obtained through the sizing sleeve.


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