PP Melt Blown Non Woven Fabric Production Line


The melt-blown nonwoven process uses high-speed hot air to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the spinneret of the die, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers and condensing on the curtain net or roller, and relying on itself it becomes a nonwoven fabric.

Our double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line can produce from inner diameter of 63mm to 1200mm.

Our Advantages:

1. Adopt screw and barrel with good plasticization and stable extrusion.

2. High-precision filtration system and melt metering system. Pressure closed-loop system is used to ensure that the pressure and quantity of melt entering the mold are constant without any fluctuation.

3. The core part: mold, is made of high-quality alloy steel, which is processed by precision CNC. So it has high precision and long service life.

4. Our machinery has the functions of automatic winding, cutting and roll changing, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

5. We have developed our own control system, apply Siemens touch screen and PLC. All parameters and functions are integreted into the touch screen, with clear interface and simple operation.

Our 1600mm melt-blown nonwoven machine can produce melt-blown nonwoven with PFE >99% (for both Nacl and DOP, testing flow 32L/min, weight 25g/㎡ melt blown), PFE>99% (for Nacl, testing flow 95L/min, two layer of 25g/㎡ melt-blown), PFE>95% (for DOP, testing flow 95L/min, two layer of 25g/㎡ melt-blown).

Melt-blown nonwoven produced by our customer is now approved by mask suppliers and is used to produced into face mask exported to Europe, US and other countries.

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Production Line Parameter

For reference only, can be customized

ModelProduct Width (mm)Product Weight (g/sq.m)Practical Capacity (kg/24h)Product PFE (Nacl, 32L/min, 25g/sq.m)Product PFE (DOP, 32L/min, 25g/sq.m)Product PFE (Nacl, 95L/min, two layer of 25g/sq.m)Product PFE (DOP, 95L/min, two layer of 25g/sq.m)
Note: product PFE is tested by standard testing machine, the product is produced by PP material with MFI≧1500 g/10min (Condition 2.16kg, 230℃) and production environment meets standard.

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Application of Melt-blown Nonwoven:

Common application fields of melt blown non-woven fabric:

1. Application in the field of medical and health care: the dust-proof mouth made of melt spray cloth has small respiratory resistance, is not stuffy, and the dust-proof efficiency is up to 99%. It is widely used in hospitals, food processing, mines and other places where dust-proof and bacteria proof are needed. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic film made of the product after special treatment has good permeability, no toxic side effects, and is easy to use, SMS products compounded with spunbond are widely used in the production of surgical clothes, hats and other sanitary products.

2. Application in the field of air purification: for air purifier, as an efficient air filter element and for coarse and medium efficiency air filtration with large flow rate. The utility model has the advantages of small resistance, high strength, excellent acid and resistance, corrosion resistance, stable efficiency, long service life, low price, etc.

3. Liquid filter material and battery separator: polypropylene melt blown cloth has excellent performance in filtering acid and alkaline liquid, oil, etc. it has been regarded as a good separator material by the battery industry at home and abroad, and has been widely used, which not only reduces the cost of battery, simplifies the process, but also greatly reduces the weight and volume of battery.

4. Oil absorption materials and industrial wipes: all kinds of oil absorption materials made of polypropylene melt blown cloth, with oil absorption capacity up to 14-15 times of self weight, are widely used in environmental protection engineering and oil-water separation engineering. In addition, they can be used as clean materials for oil and dust in industrial production. These applications give full play to the characteristics of polypropylene itself and the adsorption of ultrafine fibers made by melt spraying.

5. Thermal insulation material: the average diameter of the melt blown fiber is between 0.5-5μm, which is directly made into nonwovens by randomly laying nets. Therefore, the specific surface area of the melt blown fiber is large and the porosity is high. A large amount of air is stored in this structure, which can effectively prevent the heat loss. It is an excellent filtering and thermal insulation material. It is widely used in the production of clothing and various thermal insulation materials. Such as leather jacket, ski shirt, cold suit, cotton cloth, etc., it has the advantages of light weight, warm keeping, no moisture absorption, good air permeability, no rot, etc.


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