Principles should be followed in installation of PE water supply pipes

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The installation of PE water supply pipes is a kind of knowledge and technology. Reasonable and appropriate installation can reduce unnecessary trouble and waste. Also, all aspects and principles should be considered when installing the pipes. How should PE water supply pipes be arranged?

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Before installing PE water supply pipes, you must first have an in-depth understanding of the building and structure design, functions, and other building equipment (electrical, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, gas, communications, etc.) design plans, and take into account fire protection Water supply, hot water supply, building water, building drainage and other systems are then comprehensively considered.


There are four principles that should be followed in the intallation of PE water supply pipe:

1. Satisfy good water conservancy conditions, ensure the reliability of water supply, and strive to be economical and reasonable.

The arrangement of PE water supply pipes should be short and straight, and should be as parallel to the walls, beams, columns and trusses as possible without interruption. For water-supply buildings, two or more introduction pipes should be connected from different pipe sections of the outdoor ring-shaped pipe network, and the pipes should be connected in a ring or branch-shaped two-way water supply indoors. If the conditions are not met, a storage pool ( Safe water supply measures such as adding a second water source.


2.Ensure the use function and production safety of the building.

PE water supply pipes should not hinder production operations, production safety, transportation and the use of buildings. Therefore, pipelines should not pass through the distribution room to avoid electrical equipment failure or short circuit due to leakage; should not pass through elevator machine rooms, communication machine rooms, large and medium-sized Computer rooms, computer network centers and audio-visual warehouses, etc. should not be arranged above equipment, products and raw materials that may cause combustion, explosion, or damage in contact with water, and should avoid arranging pipelines on production equipment.


3.Ensure the normal use of PE water supply pipes.

The horizontal clear distance between the domestic water supply inlet pipe and the outer wall of the sewage discharge pipe should not be less than 1.0m. The clear distance between the indoor water supply pipe and the drain pipe should be 0.5m when buried in parallel; when buried, it should be 0.15m, and The PE water supply pipe should be above the drain pipe. Buried PE water supply pipelines should be avoided in places that may be crushed by heavy objects; in order to prevent vibration, the pipelines must not pass through the foundation of the production equipment. If they must be traversed, they should negotiate with relevant professionals and take protective measures; the pipelines should not pass through expansion joints. , Settlement joints, if they must pass through, protective measures should be taken, such as soft joint method (using rubber pipes or bellows), threaded elbow method, movable bracket method, etc.; in order to prevent pipeline corrosion, the pipeline shall not be located in the flue, In air ducts, elevator shafts and drains, it is not suitable to pass through shop windows and wall cabinets, and must not pass through toilets. The distance between the water supply riser and the end of the urinal tank shall not be less than 0.5m.


The plastic PE water supply pipe should be far away from the heat source, the standpipe should not be less than 0.4m from the edge of the stove, the net distance between the heating pipe and the edge of the gas water heater should not be less than 0.2m, and the temperature of the outer wall of the pipe should not be higher than 40℃ due to heat radiation; plastic PE water supply pipe It should not be directly connected to water heaters or water heaters, and there should be a transition of metal pipe sections of no less than 0.4m; when plastic pipes and other pipes are laid across, protective measures or metal sleeves should be adopted, and plastic risers in the building should pass through The floor and roof should be fixed support points; the expansion and contraction compensation device of the PE water supply pipeline should be determined by calculation based on the linear length, the linear expansion coefficient of the pipe, the change of the ambient temperature and the water temperature in the pipe, and the allowable displacement of the pipeline node. Try to use the angle of the pipe itself to compensate for temperature deformation.


4.It is convenient for pipeline installation and maintenance.

When arranging the pipeline, a certain space should be left around it, and the pipeline should be arranged in an orderly manner in the pipeline well to meet the requirements of installation and maintenance. For pipeline wells that need to be inspected and repaired, the passageway should not be less than 0.6m. Each floor of the pipeline well shall be equipped with maintenance facilities, and every two floors shall be horizontally partitioned. The access door should open to the corridor. The small clear distance between the water supply pipeline and other pipelines and building structures should meet the needs of installation and operation and should not be less than 0.3m.


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