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Introduction of Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Plastic extruder is the core and basic part of all kinds of plastic machinery. There are many different kinds of plastic extruders such as single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, multi-screw extruder.

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You Know How Pipes That Lay Sewers are Produced?

In our houses, the sewerage system is controlled by pipes. These pipes are essential when we discuss our health safety. I am sure all of us know about the importance of these pipes that lay the sewerage system. However; many of us don' t understand how these pipes are produced.

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Types and Characteristics of PE Pipe Equipment

PE pipe equipment refers to the mechanical equipment used to produce various polyethylene (PE) plastic pipes. PE material has good corrosion resistance and insulation properties, so PE pipes have a wide range of applications.

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Successful Testing of PP-R/Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Pipe Extrusion Line

Last week, our company successfully finishing the testing of PPR/fiberglass composite pipe extrusion line. The testing machine produce pipe size from 20 to 63mm.

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Xinrong Attend Chinaplas2019 in Guangzhou

We have put new generation single screw extruder with L/D ratio 40:1 which further increase output and plasticizing effect. Also with auxiliary machinery: 200-500mm high speed hollow wall winding machine, 75-250mm steel wire reinforced winding machine. These machines have received a lot of attention and praise from domestic and foreign manufacturers and customers.

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PVC Cable Trunking Extrusion Line has been Tested Successfully

This time the customer came to Xinrongplas again for machine running testing, and he was happy with the result, we hope there is another chance to cooperate. According to customer special requirements, we will provide double cavity or four cavity mould.

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